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Radon Testing Services in Omaha, NE

Make sure your loved ones are safe - get your home tested today.

Radon gas is silent, colorless and odorless. With the naked eye, one cannot determine its presence, or if the levels are safe. It is important that you hire a licensed professional to test for Radon, because of the links to lung cancer and other serious health conditions.

When radon gas decays, radioactive particles can get trapped in your lungs. These particles can cause tissue damage in your lungs over time, and eventually lead to cancer in certain cases. For those who do or have smoked, the chances that radon particles cause lung cancer increase exponentially. Children also have a higher level of risk associated with radon gas.

How can I test for Radon in my Omaha, NE home?

The nature of the soil in the Midwest, and particularly the Omaha, NE area, allows for higher levels of radon than the sandier coastal soils. Elite Inspection Services is owned by a licensed and experienced radon inspector. One of the most strict states in terms of radon licensing, Nebraska requires passing the national radon licensing exam, as well as over a year of rigorous training.

Elite Inspection Services will use industry-leading equipment and techniques to test for radon in your home or place of business. If levels are close to or higher than the average, we'll put together a detailed plan and inform you of what needs to be done to bring your home back to safe levels of radon exposure. Call us today at 402-819-2980 to schedule an appointment.