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Commercial Inspections in Omaha, NE


The purchase of multifamily real estate or apartments can be a great way to generate income and build equity in a commercial property. The infrastructure and the systems that support a multi-family building can be larger and more complex, and quite possibly more expensive to maintain and replace. An inspection can be a small investment that can protect the buyers objective of generating income and building equity in a commercial property.


Commercial real estate inspections differ significantly from residential inspections. Property size, scope, usage and needs of the buyer are all part of our commercial property inspection process. In commercial property, site drainage and paving, including parking lots, can be large maintenance issues. Mechanical, heating, ventilating and air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, structural, roofing, interior finishes are all a larger scale and most often much more complex than single family homes. Because of the complexities, budget issues and business liability exposure, more experience and training is required for inspection of commercial properties. Aaron has had previous experience owning, designing, developing, constructing and managing multiple commercial buildings. Let me pass my experiences and knowledge on to you. Call 402-819-2980 today to schedule an appointment!

Elite Inspections Services has previous experience buying, selling, owning and managing both Multi-Family and Commercial Real Estate. Let our experience be an asset to you when making your next investment.